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Tech Update - July 5, 2021

· 3 min read
Jeff Stahlnecker
Head of Development @ MXC Foundation

Welcome to the very first MXC tech update!

This week the tech team has been extremely busy. Throughout the past sprint we've focused on closing any and all ongoing projects. That brought us back to a few "low hanging" items that will add some EPIC value to our users -- especially those interested in connecting LoRa devices.

Device Provisioning#

Our very own backend engineer Lixuan took a deep dive to test the device provisioning system built by Ian to ensure that it was ready to be added with our live code. She solved a number of conflicts (device provisioning has been ready since January!), then ran it through a round of rigorous testing. This was done in collaboration with MatchX embedded software engineer Ian. They did some great work, and you'll see device provisioning going live early this week. In the meantime, you can check out the technical documentation here: Device Provisioning FAQ

As part of our focus on devices during the past two weeks, Lixuan also solved an issue which kept users from adding new devices on a supernode. We should be in ship-shape, and ready for some developer interaction. Feel free to send us your feedback! :)

Foundation for DHX Simulator Improvement#

The DataDash DHX Simulator has been a long-standing issue. While it works, it's a little buggy, and once in a while spits out something unexpected. Our backend developer Pavel decided enough is enough, and jumped in to solve the challenge of the buggy simulator. To accomplish this he brought together the required information from a ton of different sources and built an API for the DataDash team to integrate. For those developers out there, I'll update this post with a link to the API as soon as it is live.

Improved Technical Support#

We've been working hard to improve the technical support services provided by both MXC and MatchX. Our Tech Support Engineer Latifah has been hard at work building a ticketing system, integrating Discord, writing an internal support knowledgebase, while naturally also responding to your support requests. She's done an excellent job, and has set a strong foundation for reliable support moving forward.

Cleaning up the DataDash#

Over the past two weeks our DataDash team has focused primarily on solving some pesky issues with the app. We also added support for DHX in the in-app address book. Just another feature to make life a little easier for you.

Contributing to DataHighway#

Team members Luke, Ayush and Christian updated the DataHighway blockchain to add multisig functionality. They also made a number of improvements, and fixed issues with the Harbour testnet. You can review the full release notes here.

That's the newest from Tech, and I'll be sure to update this post with that API link as soon as it goes live.