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There are a number of ways for developers to interact with the MXC ecosystem. These forms of participation are integral to the further development and deployment of the MXProtocol.

Direct Participation#

We have a number of public repos with active issues that could use assistance. Our team is still growing, and community support is always appreciated, encouraged and in some cases rewarded.

Here is an updated list of repos that could use assistance.

We will continue to add repositories to this list as we work to increase transparency with our code and development process.

Manufacturing / Configuring Devices#

Without devices the network has no purpose. Therefore, we've created an easy way for manufacturers to get involved with the network, making it possible for their devices to be deployed as a turnkey solution in the MXC ecosystem.

In order to increase security of the entire network, we've worked with MatchX to develop a novel provisioning concept for LoRa devices. This provisioning process is a requirement for any devices intending to be MXProtocol compatible. We have made this decision as:

  1. Device provisioning increases the security of the device data
  2. Users will be able to deploy devices without any additional hassle
  3. Improve device data integration and compatibility

You can discover more about device provisioning for the MXProtocol in Devices.

Reporting Issues#

Even though we attempt to do rigorous QA before every release, some pesky bugs still slip through. Actively reporting bugs is an extremely important form of participation, and helps us to improve the stability of the entire network.

You can report bugs in the #bugs channel in our Discord Server

Bugs can also be reported directly as issues in the relevant GitHub Repo: