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DataDash Ongoing Beta

At the moment we have an open beta DataDash group for both iOS and Android. We consider this a semi-closed beta because we require participants to join our beta discord channels. This is key for discussions among participants, and provides us with an easy way to interact with beta participants.

To participate as a beta tester follow the following steps:

  1. Join our Discord Community
  2. Use the #bot-talk channel to send one of the following commands:
    • !role ios
    • !role android
  3. You will then see a new channel in the development category. Follow the steps outlined at the top of the channel to join your selected test group.

DataDash Closed Beta#

Before a major release, we will do a call for closed beta participants. This will have a limited number of available seats per operating system, and will only be available to current beta testers who actively submit feedback.

Closed betas will provide users access to new and unreleased features that require a major backend change. Because of this, each participant will receive a test account on a "fake" supernode to work with.