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How to setup the M2 Pro?#

The full installation of the M2 Pro takes only 5 minutes.

You can follow the steps below:

  1. Create an account on the DataDash app (if you have not done it)
  2. On DataDash app, go to the Miner page
  3. Then, tap Add and scan the miner QR code.

You are now registered on Supernode and can start mining!

Side node: Please make sure to choose the correct supernode based on your region. Kindly refer to the following article for more info.

How to create an account on DataDash app?#

You simply need to download DataDash app on your phone by visiting app/play store on your mobile phone and then signing up for an account on DataDash app by following the steps below:


2FA is very important in protecting your withdrawals so please make sure to set it up!

You will see a Yellow banner on your Home page showing "Please update security settings >" as a reminder if you haven’t set two-factor authentication yet. This yellow banner will disappear once you enable 2FA.

Kindly refer to this article on how to enable 2FA.