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Introducing the DataDash App

Our DataDash app has the following core functionality:

  • LPWAN Functionality
    • M2 Pro Miner
      • Register
      • Manage Miner Health
    • MXProtocol enabled devices (coming soon)
      • Register
      • View live data frames
      • Generate MQTT credentials (for external data management tools)
  • Token Management
    • MXC M2M Wallet
    • DHX Wallet
    • BTC Wallet (Withdrawals Only)

Downloading the DataDash App#

You can get the DataDash app at the following locations:



Participating with DataDash Development#

Our DataDash app is open on GitHub and anyone is welcome to participate in its improvement. To participate, clone the repo, and then tackle a GitHub issue. When you think you've solved it, submit a pull request for our team to review. Before getting started, take a look at the rules here.